Who We Are

Mezmeriz is a venture-backed technology company developing novel reality capture tools for 3D mapping, reality modeling, object tracking and classification.

Our team has built an inexpensive hardware/software platform that allows users to easily scan and accurately digitize physical spaces in 3D, with the same resolution as industrial laser scanners, but at a fraction of the cost.

The Problem

There is an increasing demand from industries such as architecture/construction, virtual/augmented reality and autonomous vehicles for rapid and accurate capturing of 3D spaces and objects. Laser ranging/scanning is the gold standard to accurately measure and capture reality. But laser scanning equipment remains expensive, bulky and difficult to use, often being limited to the most critical of applications. Non-laser scanning 3D sensors can be inexpensive and small, but are incapable of outdoor use, and are unable to meet the range and absolute resolution demands of most applications.

Existing Technology Is

  • Bulky

  • Costly

  • Slow

  • Less Accurate

Our Technology

Mezmeriz's technology combines proprietary eye-safe MEMS laser scanning and silicon nanophotonics with signal processing algorithms to produce sensors capable of mapping space and motion, allowing for an easy, fast and inexpensive means of accurately capturing reality.

Our push-button simple Gen-1 ultraportable platform can instantaneously map 20m x 20m x 20m with a 360° x 240° field of view, within 90 seconds at a rate of up to 1 million points/second, and with an absolute accuracy <= 1 cm. Our Gen-2 sensor will be embeddable and provide similar resolution at video rates.

Mezmeriz's Lightsphere Camera

Each device uses Mezmeriz's Visual Processing Engine, which understands the data being scanned to automatically connect multiple scans, create models/floorplans, register and compares scan to design models to verify what has been built is what was designed/planned, and convert scans into photorealistic environments for virtual walk-throughs of spaces.


  • Single push-button operation
  • Works in any lighting
  • Ultraportable at < 2lbs
  • Includes WiFi, IMU and GPS
  • 8-10 hours of battery life

1. Place

Place Mezmeriz’s camera to scan any interior or outdoor space

2. Scan

Any object or space can be scanned with the push of a button

3. Immerse

Obtain dimensionally accurate and photorealistic 3D models within a few minutes on the mobile or virtual reality device of your choice.

Single point depth measurement accuracy of ≤1cm

0.1° angular resolution over a range of 1 − 20 meters

Photorealistic mapping of space to dimensional accuracy within minutes


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The Team

Get to know our team of highly skilled entrepreneurs and industry veterans, with years of experience with MEMs/LIDAR and proven track records.

  • Greg Galvin


    Serial entrepreneur and MEMS industry pioneer. Founder of Kionix I Inc., acquired by Calient Inc. in 2000 for $225M, and Kionix II to ROHM in 2008 for $250M. Holds BSEE from Cal Tech, PhD in Material Science and MBA from Cornell.

  • Shahyaan Desai

    Founder, CTO

    Serial entrepreneur and inventor of the technology. Holds BS and MS in Material Science from Cornell.

  • Cliff Lardin

    VP, Engineering

    Serial entrepreneur and venture partner. Co-inventor of signal processing technology. Holds BA and MBA from Cornell.

  • Scott Adams

    VP, Sensor Technology

    MEMS and photonics industry veteran. Holds PhD in ME from Cornell.

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