Mezmeriz has developed a novel Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) platform based on the integration of carbon fibers with traditional MEMS materials. This new materials set allows Mezmeriz to design and fabricate MEMS devices with unique and application-specific optimized properties. Currently Mezmeriz has leveraged its materials technology in developing scanning micro-mirror modules capable of ± 45 degree mechanical excursions at tens of kHz scan speeds.

Mezmeriz has developed a unique MEMS module which can be embedded into smartphones and mobile electronics to enable gesture UI, 3D depth photography, and interactive projection.

The first product demonstration of Mezmeriz’s unique carbon-fiber MEMS micro-mirror platform is an embeddable pico projector which produces a massive 15” diagonal video from less than 5" away. By combining with red, green, and blue laser light, this MEMS module projects large, high quality, daylight visible, vivid, color video, that is always in focus - at just a few inches away from a smartphone. This allows any nearby surface--a wall, or nearby table to become a large, interactive screen.

Smartphone users will no longer have to settle for squinting at tiny screens to enjoy their media. With a Memzeriz projector module, the will be able to enjoy a tablet-like visual experience from their smartphones, and still fit the phone in their pockets.